Review 17 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city – Saigon

Not only famous for unique dishes but Ho Chi Minh City is also known as a “shopping paradise” with a variety of items. Let’s take a look at the top 17 cheapest and the best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city with

The cheapest shopping in Ho Chi Minh city: Markets in Saigon

1. Ben Thanh market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - Saigon Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonBen Thanh Market is considered as a symbol, an attractive destination for international visitors, it has become an indispensable part of tours to Ho Chi Minh City. With a long history of the establishment, located in a prime location, the market is located in Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, between streets: Phan Boi Chau – Phan Chu Trinh – Le Thanh Ton – Quach Thi Trang Square. Ben Thanh Market provides items from popular to high-end items such as clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, … with good quality.

Guests can also use USD to purchase goods here. However, visitors should bargain the price because the sellers always overcharge. Someone said “If you want to know about Saigon, come to Ben Thanh market” because here you will know what Saigon people eat, wear and use daily.

2. Ba Chieu Market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonBa Chieu Market is famous for a long history, was built in 1942. It sells a lot of items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, … at extremely affordable prices. This place attracts tourists with an extremely busy atmosphere. Ba Chieu Market is currently located at 40, Dien Hong Street, Ward 1, Binh Thanh District.

3. Bac Ninh night market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonLocated along Nguyen Ba Luat street, Thu Duc district is the Bac Ninh night market – a famous market for items only for girls. At around 7 pm-9 pm, if you pass by this market, you will come across quite funny pictures when you always see women. The market attracts a lot of customers because this is a cheap shopping place in Ho Chi Minh city that is suitable for many people.

4. Ho Thi Ky market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonHo Thi Ky Market is famous for its delicious dishes that make visitors forget about the way back. However, this place is also known as the most famous flower market in Ho Chi Minh. The market is located on Ho Thi Ky Street, Ward 1, District 10. It offers a variety of beautiful flowers, operating 24 hours with a busy and crowded atmosphere. Strolling around the market, visitors will feel a romantic Saigon with the scent of brilliantly charming flowers.

5. Kim Bien Market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonOne destination when coming to Ho Chi Minh City that everyone knows is the Kim Bien Market. This is a distribution center for components, accessories and chemicals. When you come here, visitors will be surprised at the surprisingly cheap products. Sometimes we can even be dizzy because of the variety of designs in this market. Kim Bien Market is located at 37, Van Tuong Street, Ward 13, District 5.

6. Binh Tay market (Big market) (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonAnother market that also specializes in cheap items is Binh Tay Market or Big market. Known as a big market with a long history, the Binh Tay market is located at 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2, District 6, Ho Chi Minh city. The market was built according to the impressive Chinese architecture, besides shopping, visitors can enjoy this exquisite architecture. This is the largest commercial center for Chinese people in Vietnam.

7. An Dong market (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonThis is a long-standing market in District 5 specializing in wholesale prices of fashion items. Although specialized in wholesale but if purchased individually, visitors are still warmly welcomed. If you have a fondness for China or Thailand, this is your best choice because the goods in the An Dong market mainly originate from the three countries mentioned above. An Dong Market is located at 34 An Duong Vuong, Ward 9, District 5, Ho Chi Minh.

The best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city: Malls in Saigon

8. Sai Gon Square (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonTo go shopping in Ho Chi Minh, Sai Gon Square is a top choice. This is one of the most famous shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh city. At Sai Gon Square, you can choose modern, trendy clothes from the cheap price to the expensive price. Currently Sai Gon Square has 2 locations:

Sai Gon Square 1, 77-79 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1.

Sai Gon Square 3, 179E-181-183-185 Hai Ba Trung street, District 1.

9. Saigon Centre (Maps)

Review 15 cheapest and best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city - SaigonIf you are looking for the biggest shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh city, you cannot miss Saigon Centre. With luxurious and high-class architecture, this place focuses on products of famous brands in the world with very good service quality. Saigon Centre is a commercial center that is attracting many international visitors. Sai Gon Center is located at 65 Le Loi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

10. SC Vivo City (Maps)

Opened in 2015, SC Vivo City officially entered the retail market. This is a trade center co-operated by Singapore and Saigon Co.op. SC Vivo city focuses on the mid-end segment, offering customers a more affordable price. There is also a food court with a variety of styles, which is always ready to welcome customers.

The most prominent is the widescreen IMAX cinema that was first appeared in Vietnam, promising to bring the most realistic movie-watching experiences. Currently, SC Vivo City is located at 1058 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city.

11. Vincom Center (Maps)

Vincom Center is one of the luxury shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City. This place is highly appreciated by customers not only for the quality of the goods but also for the very good service. There is a full range of fashion items from famous brands in the world for visitors to choose. Certainly Vincom Center will be a shopping experience you cannot miss. Address: No. 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1.

12. Crescent Mall (Maps)

Crescent Mall is the first commercial center of international standards in Vietnam. With a classy design, an arc with 134 retail stores on 5 floors of the building, it offers the most luxurious products. In addition, Crescent Mall is also a business complex with fashion, technology, beauty shops, … coffee shops such as Highlands Coffee, Phuc Long, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It deserves to be one of the best shopping and entertainment centers in Ho Chi Minh city.

13. Van Hanh Mall (Maps)

Located in district 10, Van Hanh Mall is one of the best shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh with a 7-floor architecture. Visitors to Van Hanh mall will be provided with a full range of services. It has Co.opXtra hypermarket, CGV cinema, Power Bowl entertainment center, … and famous international fashion brands such as Perdo, Nike, Levi’s, … and restaurants, coffee shops and culinary brands. Van Hanh Mall is located at 11, Su Van Hanh Street, Ward 12, District 10. Operating hours from 8 am – 22 pm.

14.    Landmark 81 (Maps)

Considered as a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, Landmark 81 is a destination that visitors cannot miss. With architecture symbolizing rising bamboos, this place is considered as one of the best shopping places in Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides, visitors can experience great entertainment services such as: Vietnam’s largest ice rink – Vincom Ice Rink, CGV cinema, Landmark 81 SkyView observatory – where you can observe panoramic city,… and many other restaurants, coffee shops. Address: 720A Dien Bien Phu, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

15.   Bitexco Financial Tower (Maps)

Bitexco is a building inspired by the image of lotus buds rising to the sky, this is an architecture bearing Vietnam’s impression. At Bitexco, visitors can freely choose famous fashion brands such as Adidas, Topshop, Warehouse,… There are also restaurants, cafes, cinemas, … which will bring to you great experience. If you want to see Saigon from the 49th floor of the building, visitors can buy a ticket for 200,000 VND / 1 person / 1 time. Bitexco is located at 19-25, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. Opening hours: 10 am – 9:30 pm.

The best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city: Shops & streets in Saigon

16. Fashion streets: Nguyen Trai, Hai Ba Trung and Le Van Sy in District 1

These are 3 famous areas with the most fashionable shops in Ho Chi Minh. With a variety of large and small brands, from affordable to high-end. With just 1 evening, surely visitors will be able to bring back the very satisfied items. Shops here often offer promotions on weekends or on holidays,…

17. Lemon Shop

If you want to buy souvenirs to give to relatives and friends, you must definitely go to the Lemon Shop. Launched in 2007, Lemon Shop is one of the first chain stores in Vietnam that sells gifts. With a 24/7 store system and beautiful and diverse products, customers will surely be satisfied. Lemon shop currently has 3 stores in the following locations:

  • 137, Tran Phu, Ward 4, District 5, HCM.
  • 977, Tran Hung Dao, Ward 5, District 5, HCM.
  • 91, Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, HCM.

Phone: (+84) 028.22208466 – 028.66563888




This is the top 17 cheapest and the best shopping in Ho Chi Minh city that visitors should experience. We hope that these suggestions will be helpful to you. wishes you have a great shopping experience in Ho Chi Minh city!